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Nov 19, 2020

Podcast ft. Bill Bartholic and Elyssa Steiner (USAT)

We’re diving into 3G sunsets and the move to 4G LTE for the small ticket unattended retail market. There is a ton of information in the market today around this topic, but much of it can be either misleading or wrongfully positioned to scare operators into making costly decisions. Bill Bartholic, a long-time industry veteran whose served in the unattended retail space for 23 years, serving as an operator for 20 years, will help us dispel some of those myths.

Myths being fact-checked in this episode:

• Myth #1: All 3G devices are sunsetting by the end of 2020.
• Myth #2: All 3G devices must be upgraded by the end of 2020.
• Myth #3: 4G is going to end of life soon.
• Myth #4: Unattended retailers, specifically vending operators, should invest in 5G.

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